Ryusei no Souseiji - SHOGO EX

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Ryusei no Souseiji - SHOGO EX

Post by Saito Kojima on Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:18 am

Since this is the only series that I'm focusing on right now, this might be the only one I'll be posting here.

For all of my other work, just go to:

For those wondering: No, I didn't use the word Ryusei because of Ryusei no Rockman/Mega Man Star Force. I used the word because it made sense because they're new stars who will be making their debut in a shooting star sort of way. Something magical and once in a lifetime.

Alright, let us begin with the Prologue.


Ryusei no Souseiji - SHOGO EX
流星の双生児 - ショゴ EX
Shooting Star Twins - SHOGO EX

It is the year 2206...

It has been seventeen years since the horrendous incident known as the return and fall of the ShinRod. Peace has been restored to the country of Messetsu, thanks to two individuals. These two young star-crossed lovers are known as Saito Kojima, and Kiari Takanoshin.

With peace returning to the once war-torn land, the young couple finally decided to settle down and have a family. Months after their victory over the sworn enemies of ShinRod, Kiari gave birth to two beautiful children. They were also identical twins...

The first was a boy named Ramon.

The second was a girl named Chihiro.

This is the story of the two fated stars. Their accomplishments, their challenges, and their dreams...

Welcome, to the new millenium!


Saito Kojima
Saito Kojima
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Re: Ryusei no Souseiji - SHOGO EX

Post by Saito Kojima on Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:18 am

Alright, it's time for us to begin this story.

Ramon chapters will be called the Blue Chapters.

Chihiro chapters will be called the Red Chapters.

Yes, I will admit now, the first major arc of this series is heavily influenced by Irregular Hunter X.


The area is dark. Even if I open my eyes, I won't be able to see anything. My body feels shaken and somewhat nervous, though my heart feels almost ready to burst from excitement. In a few moments, I will finally begin my first major mission with the Knighthood Agency. I've been a C-Class Hunter for only a few days, but before I was promoted to this rank, it's been nothing but guard duty. Nothing ever happens in the sectors I'm posted at, so I tend to just stand there and do nothing.

A robotic voice that is programmed to sound female went off in my ears, "Now arriving at drop point."

Another moment later, a much older woman who was human spoke to me with a communicator, "Ramon, do you copy?" she had a strong tone in her voice. It was the Commander, her name was Riko Sakazaki, in some ways she is my mentor, "Fire at will once the target is in range."

The moment she said this, I felt a large gust of air begin to fill the area where I was. I instantly remembered that I've been standing the whole time, just behind the hatch as it finally opened. Light poured into the once dark room, and the platform behind me began to tilt backwards. I let go of my body's weight, and let itself drop. It's time to begin the mission.

Blue Chapter I - The Timid Fighter

Who am I? My name is Ramon Kojima. Just your average seventeen year old InOrganic Hunter. The InOrganics are a term used to describe those who commit crime using robots or machinery. It was once used to describe all rebelling robots back in a war known as World War XIII, but those days are long past over. I work for the organization known as the Knighthood. These guys have been the ones keeping things in order for quite a long time now, and I feel honored to be a part of them.

My body fell from the place I once was, I opened my eyes to see that I've been riding on a large red helicopter for a long time. Seeing the sunlight and the sky made my eyes hurt for a moment from being in the dark for so long, but after turning my body around towards the ground, I then had to focus on a new issue. That is to make sure I fire my weapon at the right time. Looking down, I could see the clouds coming closer, and the blue-ness of the city rooftops just behind them. It was morning, as I could taste and smell the fresh air as it brushed by. My brown hair swished back and forth from the strong gusts of wind, but it mostly stayed backwards behind me, where my arms were placed away. I looked to my left arm and noticed a large cannon covering my hand. It was colored blue, and after I glanced at my whole body, I seen that I was covered in blue armor. Taking my attention back down to the ground, I repositioned my body to be upwards, with my legs facing the ground. Extending my left arm downwards as well, I clenched my left fist tightly. This resulted in the cannon to light up with a small blue, but electrifying light at the barrel. The longer I held my fist, the larger the ball of light began to charge. Sparks of blue static electricity started to circle around on the whole cannon's surface, and I knew this meant it was at it's peak of firepower.

After another moment of waiting, I could see the enemy. It was a very large construction robot going out of control, firing orange laser attacks at random from it's antennae located near it's head. Letting go of my grip to the left hand, I shouted as the large blue ball of energy shot out.


The ball of energy became a beam of light, as it crashed down upon the unsuspecting target. Throwing it to the ground, the area exploded in a large burst of smoke and dust. Seeing how if I let myself drop more, I'd end up going splat into pancakes, I fired a short round to fling my body to the closest building, and slid slowly to ground level. That was my part of the mission, the rest is up to everyone else.

I opened up communications with the other Hunters so I could hear what was going on. Gunfire, metal clanging and large crackling of rubble could be heard. Their voices said the following:

"What!? The thing's hardly damaged!" shouted out a young girl who's voice was very familiar to me.

"Don't panic, Chihiro! Can you get a fix on the generator located on the bottom?" the Commander asked to her.

After a lot grunting and more shots being fired, she spoke again, "It's no good, this thing's too fast!" The young woman gasped as she heard two men yelling in pain, then another large crashing noise of metal.

After a bit of pondering, I spoke up, "Commander, that thing's more powerful than we thought! I'll go and back them up!" and began to run to their positions. They were very close by, so I could hear them from my communications and in person. Just as I reunited with the group, the robot grabbed one of them with a large claw-like arm and took him as hostage. The man who was grabbed was wearing armor similar to mine, only it was colored white. The robot was a large beetle-shaped machine, standing on all four legs, but with two claw-arms for grabbing things. It was completely covered orange, except for the generator located on it's underside being a bright red.

Just as I ran into the scene, I fired a round right away at random, hitting it's left leg and doing absolutely no damage.

"I won't let you hurt my friends like that!" shouted the young girl again, as she ran infront of me and fired rapidly at the same leg. She had the same looking armor as I had, colored a deep red. Her hair was dark brown like mine, and went down to her back from it's length. Turning around at me, she gave me a smirk and spoke again, "Go on, brother! The generator is open for you to take a clean shot."

Her name was Chihiro Kojima. Yes, before you ask, she is my sister. We are twins, and look very similar in physical appearances, especially our faces. She's the "dominant" one of the two of us, probably because she was born first.

When she told me there was a clean shot, I noticed that the left leg was completely torn off, and the only thing in my way of shooting the generator was the man held in captive. I raised my weapon up, ready to fire, but I was afraid I'd hit him by accident. My hands were shaking, I needed a clean hit!

"The generator, shoot the generator, Ramon!!"

I flinched once again, but this time because another person got in my way. Quickly, almost as though it were a blur, I seen the Commander run in with a large green beam-sword, cut through the claw, the young man, and the generator, then leave before the thing deactivated.

Everyone was quiet, the mission was over. Only one speaking were a few of the Hunters walking back to inform the medical squads.

"Casualties confirmed, commence regroup, the mission is over."

The ambulances and medical squads rushed in and started taking in the injured people. I looked around and seen a few without arms, some who lost various limbs.

"Ramon! Why didn't you shoot?" I heard Chihiro's voice behind me, I turned around to see a concerned look on her face.

I couldn't speak, but I tried my best, "Chihiro, I... I..."

"Do you realize how many casualties there would have been, if the Commander hadn't shown up when she did?"

Another voice went out, it was the man who was held captive for a moment. He was being taken in by a stretcher to the ambulance, but he didn't look too hurt, "Ramon. it was my fault I let that construction InOrganic get ahold of me, I'm just glad the Commander was able to get me out of that mess," he gave me a reassuring smile as he was being whisked away.

The Commander then walked towards me and started to say something, "Ramon..." She was wearing a tight military uniform, decorated in green camouflaged patterns. Looking at her, I am guessing she is coming to her late fifties or early sixties. Her hair was a long blonde pony-tail, and her eyes were a soft green. Appearance alone, I could see a strong presence.

"Yes, Commander Sakazaki, ma'am."

"Your aiming capabilities are no different than my own, you could have easily hit the generator," with a more stern look, she continued, "You are aware that there was only a small chance that our compatriot would have been hit by the blast, correct?"

"Yes, Commander, I.."

"Listen well, Ramon, there are times when we InOrganic Hunters cannot afford to hesitate in pulling the trigger," when she said this, I looked up at her more attentively, "We must become both sword and shield for those who cannot protect themselves. That is our sworn duty, never forget that!"

I wanted to say something to her for more advice, but she was already walking away from me to get reports from the other Hunters.

"Commence retreat once all casualties have been assessed," she ordered.

All of us at once said together, "Yes, ma'am!"

I felt an arm touch my right shoulder, and seen it was Chihiro. I felt a lot better as she looked at me with a smile.

Today's been one long day already....


Saito Kojima
Saito Kojima
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