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Post by Ratikal on Thu Sep 11, 2008 7:31 pm

Hey everyone, I love shoot em ups or shmups for short. They're the kind of game where you control a ship and must blast your way through enemies and dodge bullets. Simple right?

The first shmup I'm gonna review is considered the holy grail of shmups, Radiant Silvergun.

Ratikal's Reviews Radiant_silvergun

Radiant Silvergun was released in 1998 by Treasure Co. LTD. Treasure is famous for making brilliant games like Gunstar Heroes, Guardian Heroes, and Ailen Soldier just to name a few. This was Treasure's first attempt at making a shmup, and they nailed it.

A giant hit in the arcades, Treasure decided to port it to the Sega Saturn with added features. There are now animated cutscenes, and a game mode that takes you through all the stages. More on that later.

Now each shmup needs a gimmick or else they would be the same. Radiant Silvergun's gimmick is that you have 7 weapons to utilize. There are no power-ups or screen clearing bombs, you have to use the correct weapon for the correct situation. You have 3 basic weapons. The VULCAN, which is your standard forward shot. The SPREAD, which shoots two powerful blasts to the sides of your ship, and finally, the HOMING, which shoots weak bullets that target enemy ships.

Ratikal's Reviews Vulcan

You also have 3 special weapons, which sort of combine the 3 basic ones. There is the HOMING MISSLE, which has a wide radius and locks on to enemies in that radius, the BACK VULCAN(?), which is basically a normal VULCAN except it shoots from the back of your ship, and finally, the TWIN LASER(?), which locks on to enemies and stays locked on, perfect for bosses.

Ratikal's Reviews Backshot

You also have the RADIANT SWORD, which is a short range weapon. You can use this sword to absorb pink colored bullets. Charging it up to the max will allow you to use a powerful screen clearing swipe on your next use.

Ratikal's Reviews RadiantSwipe

Your weapons level up as you earn point up to a maximum level of 33. You are also rewarded points if you use the correct weapon at a certain time. For example, there is a boss that has many targets. Use the homing missle, and you can rack up a ton of points.

Ratikal's Reviews Radiant
PROTIP: Use homing missle until it dies.

The stages are great. Each stage has 5 sections or so. Each section contains a bunch of enemies and a boss. You kill the boss, you move onto the next section. There are many bosses in this game, really most of your time playing this game is facing the bosses.

The bosses are great as well. They all differ from the rest and each seem to have their own personality. The final boss is one of the best final bosses I've ever faced. When you see him falling from the sky and landing in a valiant pose, coupled by gospel-like music, you know your in for something.

Ratikal's Reviews Xiga
You best be praying

The game features 2 player Co-op, I have yet to play it with another person, but teamwork could really go far.

Now, this game is FUCKING HARD. I mean damn, you'll have to dodge many bullets, it's almost like a bullet hell hybrid. I have still yet to 1CC the game on VERY EASY.

Ratikal's Reviews Radiantsilvergun18

Nowadays, this game is hard to find and not to mention expensive as hell. This game on eBay right now goes for $230! Thankfully, it can be emulated perfectly using a Sega Saturn Emulator. I personally use SSF. There's no harm done since I doubt Treasure even gets money from the ones sold from eBay. However, there are rumors going around that it may be appearing on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, and with its spiritual sequel, Ikaruga (my next review) being on it, I can see it being on there in the near future.

If you can get your hands on it, I'd pick it up and play it. It's a great, fun game.

Well, that's all I can really say. My next reviews will be better, I was kinda being lazy. Pictures are from Google Images, hopefully they won't mind me using them.

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