Enjoy the new Emoticons!

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Enjoy the new Emoticons! Empty Enjoy the new Emoticons!

Post by Alpha on Sun Jul 27, 2008 11:17 pm

I've added quite a few new Megaman emoticons to the forum, I hope you like them, I'll be adding a couple more later this week. You can also recommend a new emoticon to me here in this topic.

I've provided the word that you can use to get the gif, all you have to do is surround the word with a ":".

Here they are:

Boomba! boomba

Nooo no

Amy Amy

Mad mad

Cancer Bubble Cancer

Head Pain Headpain

Solo Solo

Dance Dance

Sick Sick

Sonia Sonia

Gemeni White Gemeniw

Gemeni Black Gemenib

Harp Note Jazz Jazz

Mr. Mustache mustache

Merchant Merchant

Bud Bison Bud

Fight fight

Ox Fire Ox

Leaving leave

Queen Ophiuchus Ophiuchus

Yeti Yeti

Hollow Hollow

Terra Condor Condor

Awesome sig made by Jesus.

Enjoy the new Emoticons! Windman-Sig-T1


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Enjoy the new Emoticons! Empty Re: Enjoy the new Emoticons!

Post by Dante on Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:13 am

wow hollow love the boomba Boomba!
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